Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World's best bridesmaid

We normally get our friends, cousins or friends of friends to be our bridesmaids. There is no problem with that but do these girls know their roles, or is it just the ceremonial parts that look at.
From the western origin, bridesmaids are not just ceremonial, but rather part of the bridal crew. Here are few things that a bridesmaid should do during the wedding day.

A bridesmaid is to give moral support to the bride through the entire wedding process.

Play as an advisor where necessary, i.e. advice on the music, food, decoration and partly planning if possible

The bride’s family prepares farewell parties for their girl where in this matter there is the sendoff party and kitchen party. Help plan this party as a team and make your bride happy.

Move around with the bride when you have time to help with shopping and following up on important items for the wedding

Keep track of her to do list most of the time so as to avoid missing out some important tasks before the big day.

Help the bride and groom with ensuring the security of their gifts in case of gifts being brought to the reception. Otherwise you advise the guests and friends on location where the gifts are to be addressed.

This is from my own experience as once my brother told me if there were awards for being either a flower girl or bridesmaid, then I would qualify for that. As far as I remember I started being a flower girl at the age of 4 till when I was 9, and trust me there were countless weddings. At the age of 16 I started being a bridesmaid in countless wedding to date.
But it was until I was 21 when I realized all this was not just being ceremonial but it was about responsibilities.
This is to all the bridesmaids out there… Be the best you can and remain a good memory to the bride.

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