Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cut down Your Reception and Catering Budget

It has always been a nightmare planning for the wedding especially on the budget sector. Not to worry anymore, because we are seeing a solution to it…
For sure, no one has ever dreamt of a bad wedding, everyone dreams of a wedding that will stand above the rest. But the problem comes to the budget, no bride and groom has unlimited budget for that dream come true wedding. Let’s see how we can save and STILL have a spectacular event. This budget promises to minimize your financial constraints and maximize the enjoyment to its satisfaction and still have a unique style.

1. Transform seating plan

The trend here is to do away with formal seating and create a cocktail feel. Switch formal tables to high tops or even consider adding a lounge area. You can still reserve a small area with formal seating for older, VIP guests and those with small children if you like, but encourage the rest of your guests to mix and mingle, move around, and generally table hop to ensure lots of mingling and socializing.

2. Go with a Buffet Menu

Considering most people nowadays are on diets, have food allergies etc. a buffet could be ideal for the occasion as they will have a number of options that they can choose from rather than having a stuck with few options. In your buffet you can opt to have a number of bites with salads instead real meals i.e. mishikaki (fish, chicken, beef etc). Opt for 10-15 dishes and space them out throughout the evening so everyone has a chance to try something without filling up on one item.

3. Offer Cocktail Flight Samples during the First Hour
Worry about being stuck with one too many bottles of beer or wine? While you're getting your pictures snapped after the ceremony, have your serving staffs prepare "flights" or small samples from your cocktail menu to try. Whether it's five microbrews, a trio of cocktails, or even a few different wine varieties, this allows your guests to taste-test each one and then settles for a specific beverage that they like. This should cut down on your costs AND make that post-wedding hour fly by for your friends as they learn more about each drink on the menu.

4. Cut Down on Wedding Cake
We've said it before and we'll say it again: Not everyone likes wedding cake, so before you drop a bundle on a 6-tier confection, think about reducing the amount of cake you plan on ordering. A mini 2-tier cake is just as lovely, plus it frees up your budget to create a fun dessert bar or candy station. There are lots of options that exist when it comes to dessert, but also think about accompanying elements like a cool coffee station if you're serving traditional desserts. (If you feel like being creative AND a bit more interactive we think a mini "do-it-yourself" parfait station with granola and fresh fruit is great, as is a topping station for frozen yogurt.)

5. Be your Own DJ

We still think having a traditional DJ or band is important, but it may not be necessary for the entire duration of your reception. You can prepare a number of CDs with songs that you like, in this case you can include interests of family, friends and some few guests. From oldies but goodies to modern dance tunes, it'll keep everyone up on their feet and engaged as they wait for their special song to play.

happy planning

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