Thursday, June 27, 2013

Selecting the Groom’s Attire

Have you ever been to a wedding and it seems as if the groom’s attire was an afterthought.  He is wearing new clothes by they don’t seem to have been as well thought out as the brides wedding dress.  Even though the bride is usually the centre of attraction at the wedding there is no reason to toss the groom to the back banner.  He too should be front and center when it comes to the wedding.  As such his clothes need to be well thought out so that he is looking sharp when he steps out on his big day.

The groom’s attire can come in a wide range of textures, prints, designs and fabrics and they must all complement what the bride is wearing.  The selection of what is to be worn is often based on how formal or casual the wedding is.  At a beach wedding for example the groom may seem over dressed if he is wearing tails.  At such a wedding the groom will do well to wear light weight fabrics such as cotton and linen.  The best colors for a more casual wedding include brown, beige, white, tan, light grey and taupe.  Pair this with light colored loafers and leave the neck open or wear a tie if you choose.

If the wedding is a more formal affair, the groom’s attire should include a suit and tie.  The colors should be dark such as navy, black or charcoal.  The fabric should be heavier and the shirt should have some color or print in it.  When the wedding is very traditional and formal a double breasted dinner suite may suffice.  Tails, a vest and a cummerbund may be necessary to complete the look.  Go for a more classic shirt, preferably white, with French cuffs that will allow for cufflinks.  You can also opt for a cravat as opposed to a regular tie.

Article by Nungari Mugi
Images by wedding bells

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