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Including the Bridegroom in Your Wedding Preparations

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For many grooms their wedding day has been a passing thought throughout their lives while for the bride it may have been bordering on an obsession for the better part.  Even so, it is important that the bridegroom be a part of the wedding plans as much as possible.  There are certain duties that are traditionally his while others are a joint responsibility between the bride and groom.  Some of the joint responsibilities include creating the guest list.  Start by writing down close relatives on both sides, then those that are more distant.  After that, write down your close friends and acquaintances that you would both like to invite.

As the bridegroom you want to select your own best man.  If you have someone in mind be sure to ask him to stand with you on your big day.  Get a confirmation of willingness and acceptance from him and then ask other close friends and relatives to be your groomsmen.  It will be up to you to coordinate them so make sure that together you select the clothes you would like wear and what each person will be paying for.  Make sure that the bride is consulted in these choices because she likely is quite concerned about color coordination, fabrics, designs and other such things that you may not think of right off the bat.

One of the duties that traditionally lie with the bridegroom is planning the honeymoon.  Whatever you select it needs to be something that both you and bride enjoy.  It is best that you start early so that you can take advantage of any early bird discounts.  Look for honeymoon packages that have special offers and if you feel inadequate in this area, make use of a good travel agent.  It is best to plan to travel the day after the wedding and preferably in the afternoon or late morning.  For your wedding night, stay at a hotel close to where your reception or evening party is so that you are not running to the airport or driving long distances to get to the hotel.

This Article was written by Thitu Kariba

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