Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fix the wedding Puzzle...

My dear friends,

I have realized most brides lately are not sure of what they want for their weddings. We dream so much about the big day, Now that it is around the corner we don't know what to do anymore.

My all time, old school plan is to make a list of what we need to do and what we need for our big day to be the best. The most important items include:

Wedding Color:
I believe by the time you say yes, you had already read the signs before he even popped the question. And in saying that I mean you might have come to terms with a number of colors that you love. The list might be awfully long and needs some narrowing down, but with this list at least you will have a starting point even if it's to go to a planner...

Wedding theme:
I know at least every bride has a fantasy, be it the cartoon she watched as a kid or a recent movie that caught her attention. All is possible in setting theme for your wedding but your major concern should be the location and whether are the two compatible or not. You can always have a variety of ideas that will enable you make decisions...

So is it going to be an indoor or outdoor event. Decoration details can be determined by the location of your event, meaning either more flower, balloons e.t.c the question will be answered once the location has been named. As you know the florist will need to see the venue for them to determine how much s/he has to put in. The venue also determines the sitting arrangement and table plan, therefore knowing the location can help almost all the necessary details of your big day.
Most importantly, to avoid inconveniences on your day determine the weather condition and you can as well check out the weather forecast for that particular day.

How much money have you set for the day. Probably this is something you will have to discuss with your fiancé as for it is common here in Africa that the wedding is for men to take care of. But you might need to know as it is the modern world that we share most of the cost and some couples actually the woman pays for the entire wedding. with the estimated budget on the table you will be able to decide on so many things and this will help you determine whether or not to ask for financial assistance from family and friends.

Guest list:
Well with your estimate budget in place, now you can think of drafting your guest list. In making this list consider how big would you want your wedding to be. There after list down all your family members that are to attend the wedding, coz you wouldn't want to go to the reception only to realise your favourite aunty was not invited. then, you can list down the rest with priority of course

Wish List
Everyone has something that you wishing someone could buy you as a present. Now this is the moment... Make a list of all things that you wish to have them in your home and then distribute it the coming guests. Remember this will enable you to have unique gifts rather than having them repeatedly.

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