Friday, April 20, 2012

Wedding Entertainment

Oh Gosh!

I just had to bring this up! Whenever I attend to weddings I always wonder if what the dj plays is the couple's choice or it's just the dj's collection.
Here in Tanzania you might find you are attending several weddings and the songs line-up is exactly the same you can even predict which song starts and which song follows etc... My worry is doesn't the couple have songs that they would love to be on their wedding playlist?
I guess enough of asking, right? My word to you today is do not be lazy to create a customized playlist for your wedding coz I believe it is supposed to be fun and memorable day. And the songs should be part of the fun.

This is how you can start creating your playlist/collection
1. List down all the songs that you love to listen... Remember the list can be as long as 200 songs lol!

2. From the above list select songs that once played you would love to dance.

3. Ask yourself how many of those you both love...
 I believe by now the list must have grown shorter, don't worry you can jump to the next step.

4. List down songs that remind you both of special occasions, such as, first date, the day you met, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Engagement, Graduation etc etc... then add them up to the previous list.

If the list isn't long enough you can add up favorite songs from your special people like mom, dad, best friends, etc. This will make them feel part of the occasion and not left out.

With the above tips you are able to make your own playlist but there are other things that can be added to the event as partly entertainment... Traditional dance, Karaoke and Games like Truth or Dare, to mention a few.

I hope this helps!


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