Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's all about flowers

The most integral accessory to your wedding day is your flowers. It is the last thing you choose for your wedding collection after making choice of wedding gown, color, theme etc. With so many bouquet designs available, you need to make sure your flowers will compliment your choices most especially the gown. Whether your gown is full skirted with a hoop or a slender body fitting design, it is important to choose a wedding bouquet that is styled and designed to accessorize it.

Your height, weight and body type determines your bridal gown, so too does it impact heavily on your wedding bouquet style. Certain style bouquets will suit some gowns over others.

Trailing designs, cascading drop bouquets and classic teardrop designs are very much back in vogue. Vintage posies and hand held arm sheaths are classic choices, forever popular and very now.

Other accessories include center pieces, button holes for the gents, wrist corsage for the ladies, passage posies and pomanders.

In a wedding, flowers not only provide color and scent, they also symbolize life, growth and rebirth. They are also good conversation starter after food and the dress, among the things guests will remember most.

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