Saturday, January 15, 2011

Latest designs

A friend of mine actually asked me if I could post some latest designs for wedding dresses and as I was working on the idea I realized there are plenty of them and I therefore went for a few as a starting point. Then I will be updating you more and more.

For the Bride
An elegant flattery look on your special is the latest style

I love this top coat especially for the church weddings where they don't all strapless and backless gowns... You should try it and share with us

For the Bride's maids;
the long dresses are back with an elegant design you can either buy or get a designer to make the dresses

And for our loving mothers...
It is time to make them look sexy and yet not losing their maturity. No more suits, let her appreciate and celebrate motherhood with a nice and elegant outfit.

the closeup

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